Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a Non-Boxed Item?

  • A Non-Boxed Item is any item that cannot fit into one of our boxes, such as plastic storage bins or plastic shelving. Note: Non-Boxed Items cannot exceed 70 lbs, and we will not accept large pieces of furniture. 

Do I have to use Corp boxes for storage?

  • No, you can purchase storage for a “Non-Corp Box” for a flat-rate of $100.

Is the listed price for the entire duration, or per month?

  • The price listed in our Corp Storage Shop is the price to store for the entire session: Spring + Summer 2020, not per month.

Can Corp Storage pick-up my items?

  • No, given the circumstances, we are unable to offer item pick-up from your dorm room. All items must be delivered to one of our three advertised drop-off locations, and we are unable to provide moving carts. 

Where can I find the storage supplies?

  • Supplies can be found at our three advertised drop-off locations and can be picked up between March 14 - March 29.

When can I deliver my items?

When and how will my items be returned?

  • Items will be returned to students in August 2020. During the summer, Corp Storage will reach out to all customers to confirm Fall 2020 housing assignments and delivery dates.

Can I store my items just for the remainder of the Spring semester?

  • At this time, we are only accepting storage orders for the “Spring + Summer 2020” session. Any changes to this will be posted on The Corp’s website under “Storage.” 

How can I cancel my order?

  • Any order cancellations or refund requests should be made to We will respond within 24 hours.