Contact Information: 

CEO & President, Seo Young Lee: 

Contact for partnerships, inquiries, and general outreach. 

COO & Vice President, Jack Heringer:

Contact for external vendor inquiries and operational questions. 

CFO & Treasurer, Emily Yu: 

Contact for financial inquiries. 

Director of Marketing, Luiza Mizrahi:

Contact for marketing inquiries. 

Director of IT, Sally Matson:

Contact for technological issues and inquiries.

Controller, Andrew Nassur:

Contact for any accounting related inquiries

Director of People Operations, Kat Rocha:

Contact for all human resource related inquiries.

Board Member at Large, Philanthropy Chair, Lillie Brown:

Contact for all philanthropy related inquiries.

Director of Catering, George Brennan:

Contact for any information regarding catering orders or operations. 

Director of Storage, Henry Stanton:

Contact for any information regarding storage orders or operations. 

Director of Uncommon Grounds, Christine McNeil:

Director of More Uncommon GroundsLaura Ruperez:

Director of Midnight Mug, Emily Ounanian:

Director of Vital Vittles, Liam McLelland:

Director of Hoya Snaxa, Leila Meymand:

Director of The Hilltoss, Connor Krammer: