accounting department

The Accounting department manages over $5.3 million in annual revenue for The Corp. The department provides precise reports and timely analysis to both the upper management at each individual store and the Corp Upper Management. This information helps The Corp target areas of need and make improvements so that it can better serve the Georgetown community.

Corp Accounting also provides assistance to the external services of The Corp through management of cash flow, invoice payments and Point of Sales (POS) projects. In addition to daily accounting work, accountants reconcile all of our accounts, including our payroll, cash and investment accounts. 

Accountants learn valuable skills and apply them in a relaxed and flexible environment with the opportunity to learn from more experienced accountants. Every year, the accounting department, led by the Controller, also conducts an internal audit to provide insight on the reliability and success of our accounting practices.

Corp Accounting hires at the beginning of each semester, and employs students from all majors. No experience is necessary, nor are applicants required to be from the MSB.